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Balance of MAPK-activation and the initiation of the JAK/STAT pathway in interleukin-6 signal transduction
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Interleukin-6 (IL-6) signals through a receptor complex which contains the signal transducing subunit gp130 and initiates the JAK/STAT pathway as well as the MAPK cascade. The tyrosine motif 759 within the cytoplasmic part of gp130 exerts a dual function to control both pathways reversely. In the frame of this project we start off to transform our rather qualitative molecular view of this dual function to a more detailed quantitative view on the balance of both pathways. In parallel to our experiments in cell culture the model-based interpretation of our data will also shift from a qualitative to a quantitative view by using the methods developed by partners from the systems theory


im Forschungszentrum "Dynamische Systeme in Biologie, Medizin und Prozesstechnik"


JAK, MAPK, STAT, balance, interleukin-6, signal transduction
Prof. Dr. Fred Schaper

Prof. Dr. Fred Schaper

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