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Assessing the farm-level costs and socio-economics requirements of providing ecosystem services througt the adaption of sustainable land use systems
This project is part of the collaborative KULUNDA-Project ?How to prevent the next Global Dust Bowl? ? Ecological and Economic Strategies for Sustainable Land Management in the Russian Steppes: A Potential Solution to Climate Change? (funded by BMBF).
The subproject analyses the farm-level costs and impacts of adopting environmentally friendly land use practices. This is a prerequisite to identify strategies that safeguard farm profits while improving the carbon content of agriculturally used landscapes. Moreover, this SP identifies farm-level barriers that restrain the adoption of soil-improving technologies by exploring the subjective perceptions of the actual decision-makers on the farm level. Such understanding is prerequisite to formulate operational strategies and policies that foster the sustainable adoption of cost-efficient and GHG-saving agricultural production techniques in the Kulunda steppe region.


Kulunda steppe, carbon storage, environmentally friendly land use, policy design, smart regulation, willingness-to-accept

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