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ACSOL: Acquiring Crisis-proof Skills through Online Learning
The ultimate aim of the ACSOL project is to expand adult digital skills training provision through online learning targeting two covid-19 vulnerable sectors: workers in social care/health support and workers in the entertainment, arts and culture sector.
To this purpose, the Consortium will design and develop an e-learning toolkit, which will enhance the digital literacy skills and specific skills of current low-skilled workers, through training so that they can cope with the crisis caused by COVID-19 and increase their chances of improving their working conditions.
  • To create the conditions for making lifelong learning and employability a competitive advantage for workers in social care and entertainment, arts and culture activities in our participating regions.
  • To develop new digital approaches to training matching specific sectorial needs on social care and entertainment, arts and culture activities.
  • To provide low-skilled workers and micro size companies with digital skills through open educational resources.
  • To increase the awareness of EU business and VET community about the importance of supporting workers with digital skill.

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