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Restricted Call to maximise impact of IMI2 JU objectives and scientific priorities, ID: IMI2-2020-22-01
Major challenges in life sciences, in particular within the medicines development process, are the scale of the investment required, the stepwise approach, very long development timelines and the successful involvement of relevant stakeholders. A platform to facilitate close collaboration is necessary to bring together the critical mass of expertise, knowledge and resources to address these challenges.

The scope of the restricted Call will be to support further research activities in those exceptional cases where it is necessary to enable successful consortia to build on the achievements of their initial action and move onto the next step of the challenge.

Proposals will be evaluated by experts on the basis of the award criteria 'excellence', 'impact' and 'quality and efficiency of the implementation', in line with Article 15 of the Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation (Regulation No 1290/2013). Within these criteria, the experts will focus on the points listed below and the proposals should therefore address them in detail:
o The scientific relevance for successfully addressing the IMI2 JU objectives;
o How the proposed activities relate to an area with a high-unmet need from the public health perspective and having industrial challenges (where relevant). This should also include a landscaping exercise to demonstrate that no similar initiative of the same extent is already ongoing at national, European or global level;
o The need for the proposed activities to (in a timely fashion) seamlessly build on and add value to the already remarkable results achieved in the initial action, as demonstrated and documented by the applicant consortium;
o The scope of proposed activities must fall beyond the scope of the initial action (e.g. initial objectives and its financial and temporal framework). In the event that the new action and the initial one will be running in parallel, measures should be proposed to ensure the achievement of the respective objectives and to ensure that there is no double funding between the initial action and the new action;
o The specific circumstances justifying that only the initial consortium can carry out the follow-up activities successfully. For instance, the initial consortium represents a unique and effective partnership with the expertise, equipment, methodologies, or access to unique resources and IP rights, that are not available from another consortium; if, to cover the expertise for the newly proposed activities, some modifications of the initial partnership is needed, this would have to be justified;
o How the proposed activities build on and benefit from the strong foundations as public-private partnership established in the initial action, e.g. governance, workflows, procedures.

The applicants will also need to justify why the proposed research activities can only be carried out in public private collaboration, including substantial contributions in the project activities of i.e. EFPIA constituents and affiliated entities and, where relevant, by IMI2 JU Associated Partners.

Applicants should define key specific deliverables that address the challenges identified by their proposal and enable the achievement of its objectives. They should also define deliverables that would be sustained beyond the duration of the funded action, and how this would be achieved along with any key results that would be expected to be made openly accessible.

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