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African-German Scientific Exchange: Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) invites interested scientists from all Sub-Saharan African countries and researchers at all universities and research institutes in Germany, explicitly including universities of applied sciences, to take part in a scientific exchange in the field of agricultural sciences with special emphasis on the sustainable intensification of agriculture. The invitation is issued in close cooperation with the Fundo Nacional de Investigação (FNI) of the Republic of Mozambique and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of the Republic of Zambia.
This initiative covers all (interdisciplinary) research questions that are primarily concerned with agriculture. Subject areas include (integrated) animal production and cropping systems, animal and plant breeding technologies, soil and plant microbiome interaction, abiotic and biotic plant stressors, digital methods in agriculture, livestock farming and animal disease control as well as socioeconomic aspects of agriculture.
The aim of the initiative is for participating researchers to identify joint interests in the area of agricultural research and initiate new collaborative ventures.
The initiative comprises three consecutive steps:
- Identification of collaboration partners through previously submitted posters reflecting the researchers' expertise, research interests and ideas for collaborative research projects;
- the subsequent opportunity to submit DFG proposals to support the Initiation of International Collaborations;
- a Status Workshop in Bonn/Germany to convene all researchers funded under this call.
Eligibility: Qualified researchers from all Sub-Saharan African countries and Germany are invited to take part in the initiative (as a rule they should hold a doctorate and have a track record in their respective research field). Applicants from German research institutions are required to fulfil the DFG eligibility requirements.
(1) Invitation to Submit Posters
Submitted posters should reflect the profile of the researcher as well as showing their expertise, experience and contact details. At the same time, the posters should highlight current research interests and ideas for joint research projects. Posters that show solely the results of previous research projects are out of scope and will not be considered. Posters must comply with the template provided below. Researchers are required to submit their posters in either English or French by 30 September 2022. The submission of posters is a prerequisite for participation in the subsequent call for proposals.
Only posters that comply with the eligibility requirements (i.e. the duty to cooperate in the case of participants from Germany) and the scope of the initiative will be accepted and uploaded to a poster platform. The posters will only be accessible to participating researchers and to the partnering funding agencies. When the poster platform goes live, participating researchers will be invited to view all posters, contact potential collaboration partners, develop joint research ideas and prepare a DFG proposal for the Initiation of International Collaboration.
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