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Leibniz Graduiertenschule Gatersleben

The Leibniz-Graduate School for Yield Formation in Cereals aims at the identification of genetic and physiological factors limiting yield potential in barley and wheat. In a close cooperation of researchers from the IPK and the MLU, association and QTL mapping in diverse barley and wheat populations will be conducted to identify quantitative trait loci and underlying genes determining floret fertility or yield components. Transgenic approaches will be employed to stabilize hybrid vigour, to manipulate phytohormone and assimilate translocation to elevate tiller formation and to increase root development. In a physiological approach, the coordination of senescence processes in roots and leaves will be investigated to uncover potential factors central for improving yield components. We apply for support of 8 PhD students and a structured PhD education program that additionally serves for the establishment of a sustained graduate school at the IPK. The graduate school will be a structural component of the newly established ¿WissenschaftsCampus Halle¿ to promote the concept of a plant-based bioeconomy at a scholarly level.

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