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Verwendung von molekularbiologisch hergestellten, nicht-viralen Wirkstoffen zur Behandlung der Akne
This is to describe the use of at least one molecular-biologically prepared non-viral active agent, especially an antisense oligonucleotide having specificity for a nucleic acid target sequence of the genes, which codes for steroid hormone receptors and/or steroid hormone metabolizing enzymes, especially for the androgen receptor and/or the 5alpha-reductase, for the treatment of acne and acneiform dermatoses including rosacea. For this purpose, preferably specific antisense oligonucleotides and degenerated sequences thereof are selected and preferably introduced by a liposome-mediated transfection into the target cells, especially human sebocytes and/or keratinocytes. In these target cells, a specific inhibition of the androgen-induced, especially of the testosterone-induced stimulation of the sebocyte and/or keratinocyte proliferation by the described antisense oligonucleotides has been determined and evaluated. The effects according to the invention have been detected by way of example with the aid of the sebocyte cell line SZ95 and primary keratinocytes of the skin.


Prioritätsmeldung Nr. DE20011041443 vom 23.08.2001 Nationale Patente: DE10141443, EP1427824, AT E179106 Nationale Patentmeldungen: AU2002333694, US2005053580


Acne, Androgen receptor, Oligonucleotides, molecular treatment

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