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Untersuchungen von leitfähigen Polymeren mittels Festkörper-NMR
Marcio Cobo
Conjugated polymers such as poly(3-alkylthiophenes), P3ATs, have attracted considerable interest due to their semiconducting
properties, resulting in potential application in organo-electronic devices like light-emitting diodes (LED), organic field-effect transistors (OFET), and photovoltaic cells. In recent years, more and more refined synthetic methods were developed to produce highly regioregular P3ATs with high reproducibility and correspondingly the quality of the investigated materials constantly improved. P3HT is a semicrystalline polymer, and its crystalline structure is highly anisotropic.Given the strong correlation between mobility of the charge carriers and molecularweight, mostly caused by structural features, our knowledge about the exact structure of P3HT is rather limited. We intent to run solid-state NMR investigations to gain more inside into teh moelcular structure of this material.


Festkörper-NMR, P3HT

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