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Topological semimetal phases in HgTe-related alloys: Berryology and surface transport
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
In a recent publication, we predicted that besides the established trivial and strong topological insulator phases of HgTe and HgS Hg(TeS) substitutional alloys show topological Dirac semimetal (DSM) and Weyl semimetal (WSM) phases upon strain along the [001] direction. This motivates us to address the following questions.
Do other materials similar to HgTe and HgS exhibit topological nontrivial semimetal phases? How can topological nontrivial disordered systems, in particular substitutional alloys, be topologically characterized? How do topological semimetal phases manifest themselves in surface-sensitive transport? What are specific signatures of the unique surface electronic structures of Weyl semimetals, i.e. the Fermi arcs? Furthermore, we will continue our work on magnetically modified topological insulators, to identify systems that exhibit a quantum anomalous Hall effect.


Das Projekt ist Teil des Schwerpunktprogrammes 1666 "Topological Insulators: Materials - Fundamental Properties - Devices".


Topologische Isolatore, elektronische Bauelemente, topologische Semimetalle


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