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Software Product Line Languages and Tools
M. Kuhlemann, T. Leich, S. ur Rahman, M. Rosenmüller, Dr.-Ing. habil. Sandro Schulze, Norbert Siegmund, S. Sunkle, Prof. Dr. Thomas Thüm
This project focuses on research and development of tools and languages for software product line development. The research aims at improving usability, flexibility and complexity of current approaches. This includes tools as FeatureC++, FeatureIDE, and CIDE as well as concepts like Aspect Refinement, Aspectual Mixin Layers, and formalization of language concepts. The research centers around the ideas of feature-oriented programming and explores boundaries toward other development paradigms including design patterns, aspect-oriented programming, generative programming, model-driven architectures, service-oriented architectures and more.


programming languages, programming paradigms, software engineering, software product lines

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