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SAP HANA Transformation and Optimization
Within the frame of this research project the enterprise adoption of the SAP HANA in-memory database technology is being investigated. By means of qualitative and quantitative research the suitable scenarios should be determined. The research is conducted together with one Fujitsu a global leader in information technology. In the first research phase a generic proof of concept has been accomplished and the results have been published. Based on that result the second phase of research further investigates classical online transactional workload (OLTP) with a special focus on financial accounting and controlling (SAP FI/CO) and supply chain management (SAP SCM)   

The research activity includes but is not limited to:

1) Understanding processes: Understanding business processes. Identifying potential benefits (economies of scale and/or competitive advantages)

2) Map processes to adoption scenarios: Mapping is required to link processes to adoption scenarios e.g. ERP on HANA, BW on HANA, 3rd-party applications on HANA

3) HANA optimized processes: Investigate HANA optimized transactions and the potential of optimizing custom ABAP code

4) Proof of Concept: Building prototypes, conducting experiments and validation of assumptions


Fujitsu, HANA, SAP

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