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Pore network modeling of superheated steam drying
MSc. Kieu Hiep Le, Dr.-Ing. habil. Abdolreza Kharaghani
Stiftungen - Sonstige;
Evaporation at a hot-spot and condensation at a cold-spot can transport heat with a higher effective thermal conductivity than that of any existing material. This principle in used in so-called heat pipes. Here, a specific type of heat-pipe evaporator is considered, which involves evaporation out of a wet porous wick in contact with a hot fin into vapor transportation grooves. Pore network models are used for simulating transport phenomena and liquid distribution in the wick, aiming at the identification of optimal operating conditions and wick structures. Novel pore network models are developed for superheated steam drying. Contrary to conventional continuous approaches, such models can capture the influence of product micro-structure on the drying process. Efficient processing, which is adapted to product features and quality is the ultimate goal.


Drying, Pore networks, Superheated steam

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