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Pest thrips of North America - associated with domestic and imported crops
Gerald Moritz, Cheryle O´Donnell, Michael Parrella, Renate Kranz and Angelika Steller
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
Our long term goals are to develop and provide a taxonomic key for rapid identification using the most current technology to identify thrips in North America and those thrips that have the potential to be introduced into U.S. or Canada on imported plant material. The goal is to generate a new interactive, user-friendly key using Lucid Professional 3.3 diagnostic software (in colaboration with CBIT, University of Queensland) and image manipulation for the compound microscope with Automontage (Syncroscopy, Cambridge) software. The key will bring together scanning electron micrographs (SEMs); color photographs of thrips taxonomic characters that are species specific, and the results of internal transcribed spacer-restriction fragment length polymorphism (ITS-RFLP) as markers for individual thrips species.
The key will provide biology for each thrips- species which includes information about vectoring diseases, type of damage caused, and life cycle. The most important focus of this project is the molecular methods designed to rapidly (24 hours) identify thrips eggs, larvae or adults that are intercepted.
Our objective is to aid inspection facilities in ensuring the agriculture biosecurity in the US and Canada. In addition the key will provide the user with the opportunity to progress through the key using either the country of export, plant material, molecular identification for egg, larvae or adult or by morphological characteristics. Inspection agents who are not familiar with taxonomic keys will be able to navigate through this key.

Now the software runs in English and Spanish on PC, MAC, Linux or Sun platforms.


Financial support: U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA and CSREES, University of California at Davis, Bayer and Syngenta.


ITS-RFLP, LucID, Thrips, Thysanoptera

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