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NMR Characterization of new functionalised pyrrole copolymers

D. Reichert, O. Pascui
The preparation of a novel type of pyrrole copolymers is described by chemical oxidative polymerisation of 3-(1-pyrrolyl)-propanoic acid and pyrrole. The copolymers were obtained in water using varied monomer ratios, in the presence of an oxidant agent and with or without a dopant. Investigation of the copolymer molecular structures by NMR spectroscopy, MALDI mass spectrometry and FT-IR spectroscopy showed that the copolymer chains contain substituted and unsubstituted pyrrole with differering ratios of pyrrole and 3-(1-pyrrolyl)-propanoic acid. SEM investigation revealed that the copolymers morphology is different from that of the homopolymers. The characterization of the functionalized pyrrole copolymer by 13C solid state NMR is also reported


NMR Polypyrrole


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