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Negotiating Brexit funded by: UK Economic and Social Research Council
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Negotiating Brexit funded by: UK Economic and Social Research Council
Research Team at Conference in British Academy, London (20 Oct 2017)
The UKs departure from the EU will have far-reaching consequences for its European neighbours and the EU institutions, as well as the UK itself. This important project will examine the approaches taken by the governments of the remaining member states (EU27), the EU institutions, and the UK to the Article 50 negotiations and to the negotiations concerning the UK s future relationship with the EU.
Bringing together leading experts from across the EU to form a cross-national observatory and funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, `Negotiating Brexit will:
  • provide informed commentary as the negotiations develop via a dedicated website, blogs and downloadable texts aimed at a general readership in the UK and beyond
  • hold conferences open to all at important stages of the negotiations
  • create a digital depository of key documents available to anyone interested in the UK s changing relationship with the EU
  • deliver a collective volume that tracks the approaches of governments and EU institutions from David Cameron s 2013 Bloomberg speech, through the June 23 referendum, the formal triggering of the Article 50 process by the government of Theresa May, to the negotiations themselves
  • examine in an edited collection the domestic politics of Brexit across the EU
  • contribute to academic scholarship on preferences, preference formation, and international negotiations

The team will work closely with the `UK in a Changing Europe , a programme funded by the ESRC to provide independent and expert analysis to decision makers, stakeholders, the media, and the general public.
The project is led by Professor Hussein Kassim, University of East Anglia, and Dr Simon Usherwood, University of Surrey.


Download first publication of research network from website at https://www.uea.ac.uk/documents/241631/22078770/Negotiating+Brexit+book+NEW.pdf/ad9ed02b-b20b-be44-0ee6-e36fdc595122


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