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National Coordination of EU Policy-Making
Prof. Dr. Eva G. Heidbreder , Professor Dr. Hussein Kassim
Stiftungen - Sonstige;
Member states of the European Union (EU) and closely associated neighbouring states are deeply integrated, accordingly the coordination of EU policy-making has become a crucial element of domestic politics and policy-making. How EU coordination is managed varies across EU member states and has been confronted with severe new challenges due to deep-cutting crises that had to be dealt with in the framework of a new Treaty that took effect in 2009. Both for the functioning of the EU and for the legitimacy of shaping policies questions about EU policy coordination are crucial. The only comprehensive comparative study on these questions dates back to 2000/2001 (see below). The project will follow up on the comprehensive volumes and assemble country studies and cross-country comparative studies. The project will assemble contributions for all member states and selected associated neighbouring states (UK, Norway, Switzerland) as well as selected comparative analyses (informal Council coordination, intense policy coordination, institutional reform).
The project is led by Eva Heidbreder (OVGU) and Hussein Kassim (University of East Anglia, UK). Work on the project started in November 2022. A contributor workshop will take place in December 2023 at the Villa Vigoni (IT).

Kassim, H., Menon, A., Peters, B. G. and Wright, V. (eds.) (2001) The National Co-ordination of EU Policy: The European Level (Oxford: OUP).
Kassim, H., Peters, B. G. and Wright, V. (eds.) (2000) The National Co-ordination of EU Policy: The Domestic Level (Oxford: OUP).

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