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Modern Data Management Technologies for Genome Analysis
Sebastian Dorok
Genome analysis is an important method to improve disease detection and treatment. The introduction of next generation sequencing techniques allows to generate genome data for genome analysis in less time and at reasonable cost. In order to provide fast and reliable genome analysis, despite ever increasing amounts of genome data, genome data management and analysis techniques must also improve. In this project, we develop concepts and approaches to use modern database management systems (e.g., column-oriented, in-memory database management systems) for genome analysis. Project's scope:

  • Identification and evaluation of genome analysis use cases suitable for database support
  • Development of data management concepts for genome analysis using modern database technology with regard to chosen use cases and data management aspects such as data integration, data integrity, data provenance, data security
  • Development of efficient data structures for querying and processing genome data in databases for defined use cases
  • Exploiting modern hardware capabilities for genome data processing
  • Schlagworte

    column-store, genome analysis, main memory database systems, modern database technologies
    Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

    Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake

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