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Lucid3.4 electronic and molecular identification and information system (PC and MAC) to Australian Thysanoptera (Insecta)
Gerald Moritz & Laurence Mound
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
Described Australian Thysanoptera species increased from 285 to 685 between 1970 and 2005; the projected total exceeds 1000. Because an introduction to this group of insects in book form would be uneconomic, this project will present primary descriptive data on DVD together with a Lucid visual and an online molecular identification and biological information system to the recognized families, genera and species. This will be the most cost effective means of making the important data available to meet the biodiversity and biosecurity objectives of the Australian Government and ABRS.
Moreover, the latest software, Lucid3.3, is compatible with PC, Mac, Sun and Linux systems.


Financial support: ABRS (Biodiversity information product grant of the Australian Government) CBIT, Brisbane and CSIRO, Canberra


Diversity, ITS-RFLP, Identification, Thrips, Thysanoptera

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