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Learntech Accelerator (LEA)
Philipp Schüßler, Marcus Röhming
Based upon the finding from IMAILE PCP of Innovative STEM/PLE (www.imaile.eu), the project LEARNTECH ACCELERATOR ( LEA) will take a quantum leap from being one standalone project to critical mass of European  procurers who will: 
  • Unify LEA procurers network and "Observer Cities " 
  • Implement IMAILE PCP lessons learned as LEA baseline 
  • Recommend a LEARNTECH Demand policy - 2030 to reduce fragmentation of the public sector 
  • Enable increased dialogue between demand/ supply side 
  • Provide transfer of knowledge for the LEARNTECH community ( other procurers, industry, start-ups , end - users 
  • and policy level) in order to remove barriers of innovative procurement 
  • Prepare one PPI ( based upon IMAILE) and one additional future PCP 
  • Speed up awareness rising of innovative procurement including cross sectorial value chains 

LEA WP- METHODOLOGY is developed in order to achieve the above mentioned objectives and with focus to "ACCELERATE": 
  • LEA network collaboration ( WP 2) 
  • Demand policy recommendations ( WP 3) 
  • Dialogue tools/ venues between demand & supply side ( WP 4) 
  • Knowledge transfer within the community ( WP5) 
  • Awareness rising on EU level ( WP 6) 
  • This unified and knowledge based action will result in the LEA ROADMAP 2030 including: 
  • -Critical mass of European procurers of LEARNTECH in collaboration acting first customers 
  • User cases for evidence of cost& time saving/ standardization/ interoperability as results of innovative procurement 
  • 2030 LEARNTECH market foresight and demand policy 
  • Training material/methods/tools for increased competence and dynamic dialogue among LEARNTECH community 
  • One prepared PPI absed upon IMAILE with lessons learned 
  • One addtional prepared PCP identified in LEA Implementation of the LEA project shall contribute to SMART, INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE DEMAND BASED DEVELOPMENT OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGY



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