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The main objective of this project is to enforce development of small and medium-sized municipalities, particularly in regions with weak socio-economic structures. Therefore, KoWiSt will help to enhance the competencies of civil servants and local politicians in management and controlling. It consists of an Open Education Ressource Plattform (OER) and a concept of teaching and learning. The OER is built on experiences of several best-practice municipalities and will be used for courses with students of public management and for training of public servants and local politicians.KoWiSt shows best-practice approaches for managing future development in small and medium-sized municipalities. Beside the strategic goals, the OER provides models that explain the process from input and governmental action up to impacts in local development. With experiences from different countries, comparative discussions about the influence of different institutional settings and limits of management will be possible. The project should be a starting point for the Europeanisation of education and training for public services. The network between small and medium-sized municipalities should be enlarged by a resulting knowledge alliance with other European countries.


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