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Integration in manufacturing
The objective of this research project is to find-out new possibilities and scenarios in manufacturing area from industry 4.0 perspective. The research is conducted together with Fujitsu a global leader in information technology equipment and services. Firstly, we looked for the current challenges manufacturing industry is facing and what could be the future challenges. Secondly, we also look for the areas to optimise and to solve the current challenges faced in manufacturing. Lastly, we will look to integrate more data from shop-floor level and ERP level and vice versa to enable new opportunities and scenarios. We took the Fujitsu factory in Augsburg, Germany, as our use-case, to find out what kind of new opportunities and scenarios are possible. We focused on the shop floor level in the factory. We will identify various possible future scenarios and will evaluate them. In the end, as proof of concept, we will propose solution guidelines for the selected scenarios.


Industrie 4.0, VLBA

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