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High-temperature expansion fpr spin systems
H.-J. Schmidt, A. Lohmann, A. Hauser, P. Müller
We develop the high-temperature expansion (HTE) up to 11th order of the specific heat C, the
uniform susceptibility chi, the spin-spin correlation functions  for Heisenberg XXZ models with arbitrary exchange patterns and arbitrary spin quantum number s. We encode the algorithm in a C++ program provided in the  supplementary material and available at
http://www.uni-magdeburg.de/jschulen/HTE10/} which allows to get explicitly the HTE series for concrete Heisenberg models.
We will apply our algorithm to several frustrated magnets such as the pyrochlore and kagome magnets. By using several  Pade approximants for the HTE series we can extend the region of validity of the HTE series to quite low temperatures.
The analysis of the HTE series for various spin quantum numbers s allows  to investigate the influence of quantum fluctuations on thermodynamic properties.


specific heat, structure factor, susceptibility, thermodynamic properties of magnetic systems

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