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Helmholtz Virtual Institute - Dead Sea Research Venue - DESERVE-
The Virtual Institute DEad SEa Research VEnue
The Dead Sea region faces biggest water-related challenges. Among them are sea level decline, desertification, flash floods, ascending brines polluting freshwater, sinkhole development, and the repeated occurrence of earthquakes. Climate change and extensive exploitation of groundwater and surface water even aggravate the situation. These challenges can be only mastered in an interdisciplinary research effort involving all riparian countries. DESERVE is designed as a cross-disciplinary and cooperative international project of the Helmholtz Centers KIT, GFZ, and UFZ with well-established partners in the riparian countries.
DESERVE is offering the unique opportunity to integrate the scientific results already achieved or presently elaborated in the Dead Sea region into a joint scientific approach based on earth, water, and environmental sciences.
DESERVE is aimed at studying coupled atmospheric, hydrological, and lithospheric processes, such as sinkholes, flash floods, and earthquakes. This interdisciplinary research approach will lead to a sound scientific understanding of the ongoing operations. Furthermore, it enables the development of prediction models, remediation strategies, and risk assessments with respect to environmental risk, water availability, and climate change.
DESERVE is funded by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers.
DESERVE is a joint project of the Helmholtz Centers KIT, GFZ, and UFZ and their partners from Germany, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine.

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