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Heißdampftrocknung: Kinetik, Auslegung und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Vergleich zur Heißlufttrocknung
Dr. Neli Hampel
Superheated steam drying is investigated for the first time the whole way up, from the drying kinetics of single particles to fluidized bed drying. Biological materials are used to this purpose, namely rice and wood spheres. Single particle experiments are conducted in a magnetic suspension balance and described by advanced continuous models. Scale-up to the fluidized bed is performed by modelling and validated by experiments. Moreover, a complete benchmarking against hot air drying is conducted, so that advantages of the superheated steam process in energy consumption and economics can be reliably worked out.


Drying, Fluidized bed, Hot air, Rice, Single particle, Superheated steam, Wood

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