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Global Anglicism Database
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Busse sowie Mitarbeiter in 15 europäischen Ländern
The Global Anglicism Database Network

The GLAD Network aims to share and compare strategies and resources for fostering cooperation among scholars interested in linguistic and cultural Anglicization involving the widest possible range of speech communities in Europe and beyond.
The Global Anglicism Database (GLAD) Network is motivated by the current and increasing interest of linguists and laypeople alike in the influence of English on other languages (Furiassi, Pulcini & Rodríguez González 2012; Furiassi & Gottlieb 2015). Both through face-to face interaction and via distant contact situations, the English language affects languages globally at lexical, morphological, syntactic, phraseological and pragmatic levels, thus turning English, a recipient language by tradition, into the donor language par excellence.
To begin with, we seek to establish a network of scholars and institutions willing to share bibliographical material, research findings and initiatives of all sorts.

  1. building a network of scholars monitoring the Anglicization of the world’s languages;
  2. posting personal profiles of scholars studying the influence of English, with links to their publications;
  3. compiling and spreading a database of tools and resources for the study and analysis of Anglicisms;
  4. producing an online global database of Anglicisms (and their synonyms);
  5. sharing bibliographies on Anglicism studies worldwide;
  6. spreading news about Anglicism-related events, including conferences and university courses;
  7. investigating theoretical issues related to language contact with English and related phenomena



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