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Genom-weite Analysen der Gen-Expression in dem Pflanzenpathogen <I>Xanthomonas campestris</I> pv. <I>vesicatoria</I>
The Gram-negative bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Xcv), the causal agent of bacterial spot disease in pepper and tomato, is one of the model organisms to study bacterial pathogeneicity. Pathogenicity of Xcv depends on a type III secretion (TTS) system that translocates more than 20 effector proteins directly into the plan cell.
Recently, the whole genome sequence of Xcv strain 85-1ß has been elucidated which provides an optimal basis for genome-wide gene expression profiling. The main goal of this project is to identifiy genes that are up-regulated in planta.


<I>Xcv</I> strain 85-10, microarray, transcriptomics

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