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ECRYPT II – Associated Membership Uni-MD
Christian Krätzer, Tobias Hoppe
EU - FP7;
ECRYPT II – Associated Membership Uni-MD
The main goal of ECRYPT II is to strengthen and integrate research in cryptology in Europe and decrease fragmentation by creating a research infrastructure and by organising research into virtual laboratories, thereby establishing a joint research agenda and executing joint research in cryptology related areas.
The researchers cooperating in ECRYPT II aim at the improvement of the
state of the art in practice and theory of cryptology by:
  • Improving the understanding of existing algorithms and protocols
  • Expanding the theoretical foundations of cryptology
  • Developing better cryptographic algorithms, protocols and implementations in the following respects: low cost, high performance and high security.
To achieve these goals within the project a joint infrastructure is developed, which includes: tools for the evaluation of cryptographic algorithms, a benchmarking environment for cryptographic hardware and software, infrastructure for side channel analysis measurements and tools.


Kryptologie, Sichere Protokolle

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