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Computational Intelligence in Games
M.Sc. Xenija Neufeld, Alexander Dockhorn
In the last decade, many commercial video games have used planners instead of classical Behavior Trees or Finite State Machines to define agent behaviors. Planners allow looking ahead in time and can prevent some problems of purely reactive systems. Furthermore, some of them allow coordination of multiple agents. However, implementing a planner for highly-dynamic environments like video games is a difficult task. This work aims to provide an overview of different elements of planners and the problems that developers might have when dealing with them. We identify the major areas of plan creation and execution, trying to guide developers through the process of implementing a planner and discuss possible solutions for problems that may arise in the following areas: environment, planning domain, goals, agents, actions, plan creation and plan execution processes. Giving insights into multiple commercial games, we show different possibilities of solving such problems and discuss which solutions are better suited under specific circumstances and why some academic approaches find a limited application in the context of commercial titles.


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Computational Intelligence

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