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CAMPUS: Changes in Ambition, Motivation and Performance in University Students
Kjell Staffas, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steffi Knorn
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
The project aims to investigate how ambitions, motivations, perception and performance differs between university students of different gender, age, background, study program and how they change over time. For this, engineering students of four different programs, namely Engineering physics, Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering BSc and MSc, are studied by means of questionnaires, personal interviews and statistical analysis during their first three years of studies. The findings are expected to shed light on questions such as whether significant differences between the student cohorts exist, for which different stereotypes exist, whether teaching styles and study experience at the university lead to different developments and whether performance and motivation of students can be predicted and improved in order to reduce study times and drop-out rates.

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