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Biomedicine in Africa - an anthropology of law, organization, science and technology
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This research program examines how biomedicine in Africa understood as a circulating set of technologies, practices and ideas is central to the global production of bodies. We take Africa to be central to understanding global shifts in bodies, subjectivities, social, political and juridical forms precisely because it is so marginalized in the global political economy and therefore a site of intense conflict and experimentation.

Rather than examining the impact of biomedicine in its African contexts, we are interested to show how biomedicine as science and practice is shaped through its engagements in African contexts. Sociologists and anthropologists of medicine have begun to open the black box of biomedicine for scrutiny through studies of laboratory and clinical life in the West. However, few have examined engagements on the more difficult terrains of humanitarian distress and complex emergencies, such as refugee crises, wars and epidemics. Our program aims to remedy this gap by bringing together scholars who examine the making of biomedicine in Africa.


Anthropologie, Biomedicine, Ethnologie, anthropology, law, organisation

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