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Academic Preparation  

1957 - 1961

Barbara Schule, Kamen-Heeren Werve (Elementary School)

1961 - 1969

Pestalozzi Gymnasium, Unna (High School)


Abitur (General Qualification for University Entrance)

1971 - 1979

Studies of Chemistry and Medicine at the Westfälische Wilhelms University, Münster, Germany


Diploma in Chemistry with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Flitsch: "Reactions of 2-Formylpyrrole with Vinyl-1,2-bistriphenylphosphonium Iodide: A Simple Synthesis of Pyrrolo(1,2-g)-5-azacycl(3.2.2)azine"


Ph. D. in Chemistry with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Flitsch: "Contributions to the Synthesis of Nitrogen Brigded Annulenes" ("Summa cum Laude )

Professional Experience and Employment

1979 - 1981

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Berkely, USA with Prof. Dr. K. Peter C. Vollhardt (Research Areas: Cobalt Catalyzed (2+2+2)-Cycloadditions of Alkynes, Iron-Catalyzed Syntheses of 1,2,4-Triazines, Cobalt-Mediated Syntheses of cyclopentadienones)

1981 - 1985

Senior Research Fellow at the University of Zürich, Switzerland with Prof. Dr. André Dreiding (Research Areas: Transition Metal Mediated Syntheses of Small Strained Ring Systems, Homologous Series of Antiaromatics, Applications of Cyclopentadienone Cobalt Complexes in the Synthesis of Cyclopentanoid Natural Products)

1973 - 1974

Teacher in chemistry at the Städtische Gymnasium in Kamen

1974 - 1977

Teacher in chemistry at the Geschwister Scholl-Gymnasium in Unna

1975 - 1979

Teaching and Research Assistant in the Department of Organic Chemistry, Westfälische Wilhelms University, Münster, Germany


First State Examination for the teaching certificate for the upper secondary school

1976 - 1978

Teaching Assignment in Organic Chemistry at the University of Münster, Germany

1982 - 1984

Lecturer in Organometallic Chemistry at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

1982 - 1988

Advisor for Undergraduate and Graduate Students at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

1985 - 2002

Bayer AG, Plant Protection Business Group, Chemical Research Insecticides and Herbicides, Monheim, Germany (Research Areas: Inhibitors of Photosystem II, Inhibitors of Nicotinergic Acetyl Choline Receptor, Synthesis of alpha-Terthienyl Analogues/Natural Products, Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitors, Amidines and Guanidines as Agrochemicals, Chemistry of Heterocycles, especially Thiophenes, Triazolinones, Triazines, Pyrimidines, Pyridines and Pyrazoles, Exploratory Chemistry, Synton Concept]

1988 - 1993

Project Leader Sulfonyl Ureas and Derivatives

1993 - 1999

Project Leader ALS-Inhibitors

1998 - 2000

Project Leader Imidamid Nematicides

1995 - 2002

Project Leader China Research Cooperations

Since 2002

Bayer CropScience AG, Monheim, Germany, Research Insecticides (until 2011). - Research Areas : Ryanodine Receptor Inhibitors, Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitors, ACCase Inhibitors, Discovery Chemistry. Since 2012: Bayer CropScience AG, Monheim, Germany, Research Technologies: Synthesis of Metabolites and Process Impurities.

Since 2002

Project Leader China Research Cooperations

2000 - 2011

Advisor for Undergraduate and Graduate Students of different European Universities

Since 2003

Lecturer at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany ("Principles in Drug Discovery and "Heterocyclic Chemistry )

Since 2005

Co-Chairman of German Chemical Society, local organization Leverkusen

Since 2006

Referee for Journal of Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, and Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Since 2011

Member of the Editorial Board of Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry


Co-Chairman and member of Academic Committee of 3rd International Symposium on Pesticide and Environmental Safe & 7th International Workshop on Crop Protection Chemistry and Regu-latory Harmonization, IUPAC, October 2007, Beijing, P. R. China


Inventor of Thiencarbazone-methyl Herbicide : Launch 2009

Since 2008

Consultant and member of selection committee for scholarships for Congolese students ("Unikin -Project, University of Würzburg, Germany and University of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Since 2011

Mentor of female graduate students within the frame of the European Structural Funds (ESF): Support of Women in Technical Professions


    • Transition Metal Chemistry
    • Heterocyclic Chemistry
    • Drug Design
    • Agrochemistry


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