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Endoscope WO 2012/146664 Al
Medizintechnik & Medicalprodukte, Elektrotechnik & Elektronik

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The invention relates to endoscopes. These are in particular

characterized in that objects can easily be observed using the endoscopes and
without moving the endoscopes per se. To this end, a rotatably mounted
mount with a digital camera is located on or in a holder, the holder being
arranged radially rotatable such that the rotational axes of the holder and of
the mount are arranged perpendicular to one another. The mount with the
digital camera can be swivelled by means of a transmission mechanism on or
in a tubular support element ofthe holder. The endoscope furthermore has at
least one drive mechanism with a frrst rotatory and annular drive for the
tubular support element and hence for the holder, and a second drive for the
mount, a connection cable for the digital camera being located in the interior
of the endoscope. Moreover, the endoscope has a cover for the rotatably
mounted holder including the mount with the digital camera, which cover
consists of a material that is transparent to visible light.

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