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Media Industries Scholarly Interest Group


Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Media Industries Scholarly Interest Group

Universitätsplatz 10

06108 Halle (Saale)

It is the aim of the Media Industries Scholarly Interest Group (MISIG) to stimulate and advance research and/or teaching relating to all aspects of media industries and institutions. MISIG aims to preserve an open and inclusive intellectual agenda and to this end the Group operates under six core principles:
  1. MISIG seeks to expand critical analysis of all aspects of media industries and institutions through original research and teaching practice.
  2. MISIG promotes research and teaching directed at cultivating knowledge of the industrial and institutional conditions which shape and define the financing, regulation, production, reproduction, dissemination, promotion, presentation or consumption of media products and services.
  3. Media industries and institutions are multiple and diverse. MISIG accommodates research and teaching across the media of film/cinema, television, radio, recorded music, video, electronic games, advertising, print and publishing, mobile communications and web-based media, exploring these industries individually but also the inter-medial relationships which frequently shape exchanges between sectors.
  4. MISIG welcomes members with research and teaching interests relating to media industries and institutions in all international territories and with how those industries operate at local, national, regional or global levels of analysis.
  5. MISIG supports research and teaching examining the media industries and institutions in all historical periods.
  6. Analysis of the media industries and institutions invites a range of critical or conceptual frameworks, including cultural policy, industry historiography, political economy, and production ethnography. MISIG welcomes intellectual diversity and so does not advocate any single approach to the study of media industries but instead encourages research and teaching which is continually open to, and strengthened by, multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives. Critical engagement with matters of cultural labor, industry structures, media markets, creative and working practices, media law (e.g. competition, intellectual property, or tax), policy formation, and environmental issues (e.g. electronic waste) are amongst the range of issues addressed by the work of the Group.