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WATERMAS (Water Management and Climate Change in the Focus of International Master Programs in Latin America and the Caribbian)
The project will develop and establish a new standard of higher educational and scientific knowledge exchange between European and Latin American countries.
This will be done leveraging existing Master’s courses/programs of Water Management at the various partner universities. Water is regional priority around the world but synthesis of water resource management aspects from local-to-global scales is not currently included higher education curriculum. We will change this by boosting the curriculum development in the field of water resource conservation and management from the perspective of climate change adaption and impact mitigation.
Innovative goal of including the perspective of conservation and protection of WRes, increasing the local skills and expertise of young students and professionals.Within the project life cycle various activities are planned depending of target to which they correspond with appropriate indicators measuring implementation and results.

We have two types of workshops to execute the planning of training and research projects.

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