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Simulation mit der Diskreten Elemente Methode (DEM) zur Bestimmung der Agglomerationskernel für weiche und kohäsive Nanopartikel
M.Sc. Yashodhan Pramod Gokhale
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
The chemical, electronic and mechanical properties of nanometer scale metal particles; there is now interest in manufacturing these materials in larger quantities, since both small particle size and specific surface area. Particle size is strongly influenced by the suspension stability and thus the agglomeration behavior of the suspension. Therefore, an appropriate modeling of the process must include a superposition of the two opposing processes in the mill i.e., agglomeration and disintegration which can be done by means of population balance model (PBM) and Discrete Element Method (DEM). Modeling must now include the influence of colloidal surface forces and hydrodynamic forces on particle aggregation and breakup. The superposition of the population balance models for agglomeration and grinding with the appropriate kernels leads to a system of partial differential equations, which can be solved in various ways numerically. Finally, the computational effort of PBM, DEM methods in comparison to the prior mentioned parameters is evaluated in terms of practical application.


Agglomeration, Breakage, Discrete Element Method, Nanoparticels, Population Balance Modeling

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