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Selection, design and application of novel biocatalytic reactive crystallization concepts for the preparation of chiral beta-amino alcohols and alpha-amino acids
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
This it the sub project of the DFG research unit 5538 (Multistep Catalytic Production Systems for Fine Chemistry by Integrated Molecular, Material and Process Design (IMPD4Cat))
The primary goal of this subproject is to develop an efficient combination of biocatalytic reactions and selective crystallization procedures for the synthesis of chiral beta-amino alcohols and alpha amino
acids on a preparative scale. The project builds on the investigation of the fundamental physicochemical properties of the target compounds, which are to be isolated directly from aqueous reaction solutions. In parallel, the decision on the selection and use of suitable biocatalysts or their corresponding preparations is relevant for the selection of the integrated reaction route, since the corresponding reaction conditions have an influence on the solubilities of the target compounds. For amino acids, direct crystallization under the selected crystallization conditions is preferred, whereas suitable
crystallization agents are required for amino alcohols to crystallize these often hydrophilic products in the form of a salt. Process control will be supported by the integration of suitable concepts for process
analytical technology (PAT) including automated liquid chromatographic methods for real-time monitoring, control and optimization of the integrated biocatalysis-crystallization process. In
the combination of all the processes described above, the process is to be optimized and scaled up to preparative scale in the sense of a pilot plant.

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