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Open the window of opportunity - renewable energies as a facilitator for maximization of the common good
Prof. Dr. Sven Müller , Annegret Lewak
Stiftungen - Sonstige;
Our research is set to get a better understanding about whether the common good can be improved by specific project designs. The projects in our study are investment projects in the area of renewable energies. They are defined by attributes like "amortization timeline", "investment volume" and "expected return". The specific set of characteristics define a type of project, which is considered a product. Choice makers decide which projects provide individual maximum utility. We conduct an empirical experiement to analyze the trade - offs between the attributes.

We assume that the return of each project can be split into two types: a) the classic monetary benefit (tangible return) and b) increasing common good (intangible return). B can be maximized by deciding that a or parts of a can be allocated to a common fund instead of cashing in. Participants with low income get access to the fund and therefore can increase their personal profit on their invest in a disproportinal way. We consider this re - allocation of income within the group as an indicator for increase of the common good. Our problem is to select a sub - set of the overall pool of projects and present them to the choice makers in order to
maximize the common good.

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