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Multitype Multifield Visualization
Tim Gerrits
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
The visual analysis of multifield data is one of the big research challenges in the field of Scientific Visualization. In recent years, many approaches for this have been proposed which either do a side-by-side visualization of the fields or apply semi-automatic methods to compute and visualize the relations between the fields. However, most existing techniques focus on multifields of the same type, for instance a collection of multiple scalar fields. Recent multifields tend to consist of fields of different types, i.e., scalar, vector and tensor fields are acquired over the same domain. This project proposes approaches for the visualization of multifields of different types. In particular, we propose similarity measures between multitype fields, we define features describing the correlations between multitype fields, and we adapt discrete methods from Information Visualization for multitype fields. The approaches are tested and evaluated on a number of test data sets from different areas of application.


multifield visualization, scientific visualization

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