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Minimal-invasive integration of the provenance concern into data-intensive systems
Martin Schäler
In the recent past a new research topic named provenance gained much attention. The purpose of provenance is to determine origin and derivation history of data. Thus, provenance is used, for instance, to validate and explain computation results. Due to the digitalization of previously analogue process that consume data from heterogeneous sources and increasing complexity of respective systems, it is a challenging task to validate computation results. To face this challenge there has been plenty of research resulting in solutions that allow for capturing of provenance data. These solutions cover a broad variety of approaches reaching from formal approaches defining how to capture provenance for relational databases, high-level data models for linked data in the web, to all-in-one solutions to support management of scientific work ows. However, all these approaches have in common that they are tailored for their specific use case. Consequently, provenance is considered as an integral part of these approaches that can hardly be adjusted for new user requirements or be integrated into existing systems. We envision that provenance, which highly needs to be adjusted to the needs of specific use cases, should be a cross-cutting concern that can seamlessly be integrated without interference with the original system.


Provenance Framework, Result Verification, Uncertainty

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