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Influenza vaccine production in microcarrier systems
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Since several years the cultivation of animal cells to produce complex proteins and vaccines is used in biotechnology. One aim of our work group is the development and optimization of integrated concepts to design and control vaccine production processes for the amelioration of viral yield and reproducibility in conjunction with efficacy, purity and safety of vaccines. With a process of equine influenza virus production as an example we focus on the following steps: (a) Cultivation and scale-up of animal cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney epithelial cells; MDCK) using microcarrier-systems (b) Replication of influenza viruses, equine influenza Newmarket 1/93 (H3N8) © Downstream processing to subunit or split virus vaccines (ISCOM-technology).
Aim of our work
For this concept we develop mathematical models of different complexity (a, b), which describe the growth of adherent cells, virus replication as well as essential metabolism and regulation steps (unstructured & structured, non-segregated models). Together with experiments on cell metabolism and virus replication in bioreactors or single-cell cultures as well as determination of on- and off-line values used in industrial processes, concepts for monitoring and control to facilitate optimization and validation of these processes will be developed.for more information, see: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/research/groups/bpt/


<img src="http://www.ttz.uni-magdeburg.de/fodb/Bilder/MPI_MD_Genzel1.jpg"><p>Scheme of the process of influenza vaccine production using MDCK cells


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