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Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability
EU - Sonstige ;
The overall aim of GLAMURS (Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability) is to develop a theoretically-based and empirically-grounded understanding of the main obstacles and prospects for transitions to sustainable lifestyles and a green economy in Europe, as well as of the most effective means to support and speed them up. The call states explicitly that for transitions to be possible there is a need to address the demand side, reevaluate growth models and find appropriate ways to produce lifestyle changes and economic paradigm shifts. The result will be the development, testing and assessing of several integrated pathways for transitions to a low-carbon Europe.
GLAMURS will develop theory, models and evidence on obstacles and prospects for the transformation to green economies and lifestyles in Europe. It will do this through multi-scale, multi-region integrated research involving psychologists, economists and policy experts studying individual and societal levels, combined with environmental impact modeling of the effects of scenarios and policy interventions on lifestyle and economic transitions. The research will engage policymakers and stakeholders at the European and regional scales, studying citizens' everyday lives in the present, and emerging initiatives: 'early adopters' of more sustainable lifestyle practices and behaviors. It will provide recommendations on the best governance designs and policy mixes for achieving a sufficiently-fast paced transition in Europe in line with the objectives established in the Europe 2020 strategy and the Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative.
It will also evaluate the context the project creates to understand how citizens, researchers, stakeholder organizations and policymakers come to know what it is they need to do to bring about individually, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable living, disseminating our work through diverse media.

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