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Genome wide association study with electrophysiological correlates of human performance monitoring
Prof. Dr. Josef Högel
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
The goal of the original research project in the first application phase was to search genome-wide for associations between genetic polymorphisms and electrophysiological endo-/phenotypes of human action monitoring. A genetic approach with a broad focus across many hundreds of thousands of SNPs offered the advantage of systematically and comprehensively determining the contribution of different systems/components in action monitoring. The goal of the continuation application was to further validate and characterize the promising initial results regarding a genetic contribution in action monitoring. The sample collected in the first stage of the application was too small to reach definitive conclusions here. Another focus of the continuation application was the comparison of different methodological approaches to relate genetic information to electrophysiological data (classical association approach, parallel ICA, shape invariant modeling).

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