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Genetische Ätiologie der humanen Langlebigkeit
Stefan Schreiber
The main focus of this explorative project (EP) is to map and characterize genetic susceptibility factors that predispose to healthy longevity in humans as well as to identify molecular pathways that are associated with the physiology of ageing and/or age-related disorders and diseases. The findings may facilitate the development of new therapies, may be used for the treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases or the improvement of repair processes and are expected to be relevant for commercial exploitation.The members of this EP cooperation propose to use the existing NGFN structures involving various SMPs (e.g. SMP-DNA, SMP-RNA and SMP-Bioinformatics) at different locations to create synergisms in many aspects. The overall goal of the EP is achieved by employing an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, which applies cutting-edge technologies from different disciplines.


Nationales Genom-ForschungsNetz Exploratives Projekt


Alterung, Genom, Ätiologie

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