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EPPN: European Plant Phenotyping Network
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The ability to quantitatively analyze plant phenotypic traits (from single cells to plant and stand level) and their dynamicresponses to the environment is an essential requirement for genetic and physiological research, and the cornerstonefor enabling applications of scientific findings to bioeconomy. Whereas molecular profiling technologies allow today thegeneration of a large amount of data with decreasing costs largely due to automation and robotics, the understanding of thelink between genotype and phenotype has progressed more slowly. Insufficient technical and conceptual capacity of theplant scientific community to probe existing genetic resources and unravel environmental effects limits faster progress inthis field. The development of robust and standardized phenotyping applications depends on the availability of specialisedinfrastructure, technologies and protocols. Europe has become a key driver in defining innovative solutions in academicand industrial settings. However, the existing initiatives at the local or member-state level represent a fragmented researchlandscape with similar goals. The aim of this project is to create synergies between the leading plant phenotyping institutionsin Europe as a nucleus for the development of a strong European Plant Phenotyping Network (EPPN). The project fostersthe development of an effective European infrastructure including human resources, expertise and communication needed tosupport transnational access to user communities. Joint research activities will adapt and develop novel sensors and methodsfor application in plant phenotyping. Innovative phenotyping concepts integrating mechanistic, medium- and high throughputas well as field phenotyping will be developed and made available to the community. This project will strengthen Europe’sleading role in plant phenotyping research and application through the creation of a community of research institutes,universities, industry and SMEs


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