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Advancing System Integration in Process Industry: Sensor Data Gathering, Wireless Networking, and Supervisory Control
Anders Ahlén, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steffi Knorn
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
The project idea is to enable completely new possibilities for integrating novel monitoring, maintenance, reconfiguration, and supervision functionalities for wireless control solutions in the process industry. The potential of the project is immense in that it is likely to produce world class research of significant industrial value, which will provide superior and highly innovative wireless automation solutions built on new data gathering and sensor communication technologies, improved protocol- and routing schemes, fault-tolerant supervisory control and reconfigurations and effective and efficient system integration. The team behind the project, who has collaborated closely previously, consists of the Signals and Sytems Group at UU, headed by Prof Anders Ahle´n, the Network Control Group at KTH headed by Prof Karl Henrik Johansson, the Control and Communications groups at ABB Corporate Research, represented by Global Research Area Managers Alf Isaksson and Stefan Svensson, and Holmen Iggesund represented by Automation Engineer Thomas Lindh. Some of the research ideas behind this project were developed by the team in the VINNOVA WiComPI-project and are now ready to be taken closer to commercialization.

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