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Adaptation of examination form and grading to complexity and ambition level
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steffi Knorn
Fördergeber - Sonstige;
The main purpose is to develop effective teaching and examination forms suitable for the prerequisites and ambitions of individual students, as well as clarify the course objectives and its examination for the student. This should lead to a better understanding of the course's conceptual contribution to the engineering role, as well as a more developed self-insight for the student as they plan their studies. The categorization of the learning objectives is based on Bloom's revised taxonomy and teaching methods and the examination is designed according to the complexity of the learning objectives. The knowledge goals are hereby more clearly defined for the different grades, which makes it easier for the students who are satisfied with a simple pass grade as well as students aiming for higher grades.

The project will develop a model for how the teaching can be divided into a necessary part in order to pass the course and the pieces that are desirable but not necessary for passing and thereby qualify for receiving a higher grade, and link exam forms to the various parts. Since students from several different engineering programs will be tested, the project will provide a broad knowledge of how different concepts, teaching methods / layouts and its examination interact for students from different programs, which may differ significantly in their mathematical background.

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