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Saturation field of frustrated chain cuprates - broad regions of predominant interchain coupling
Nishimoto, S. ; Drechsler, S.-L. ; Kuzian, R. O. ; Brink, J. ; Richter, Johannes ; Lorenz, W. E. A. ; Skourski, Y. ; Klingeler, R. ; Büchner, B.
Physical review letters: PRL ; providing rapid publication of short reports of important fundamental research with coverage of major advances in all aspects of physics and of developments with significant consequences across subdisciplines - Ridge, NY: American Physical Society, 107.2011, 9, Art. 097201, insgesamt 4 S.;
Impact : 7.621
Bibliographie: Originalartikel in begutachteter internationaler Zeitschrift Link 17 Zitationen
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