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A randomized phase III study comparing standard dose BEP with sequential high-dose cisplatin, etoposide, ifosfamide (VIP) plus stem cell support in males with poor prognosis germ cell cancer (GCC): An intergroup study of EORTC, GTCSG, and Grupo Germinal (EORTC 30974)
Daugaard, G. ; Skoneczna, I. A. ; Aass, N. ; Wit, R. De ; Santis, M. De ; Dumez, H. ; Marreaud, S. ; Collette, L. ; Bokemeyer, C. ; Schmoll, H.
Journal of clinical oncology. - Alexandria, Va : American Society of Clinical Oncology; Bd. 28.2010, 15S, S. 4512
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