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Hierarchical organization of Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(isobutylene) and hydrophobically modified Fe2O3 nanoparticles at the air/water interface and on solid supports
Li, Hangsheng ; Sachsenhofer, Robert ; Binder, Wolfgang H. ; Henze, Thomas ; Thurn-Albrecht, Thomas ; Busse, Karsten ; Kressler, Joerg
Langmuir. - Washington, DC : ACS, Bd. 25.2009, 14, S. 8320-8329
Bibliographie: Artikel in Zeitschrift 22 Zitationen
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Binder

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The department of macromolecular chemistry focusses on the synthesis and develpoment of new polymers and polymeric materials. As the application of polymers is strongly expanding, we participate in the strive for designed (macro)molecules and their applications.

Main focus of research is directed towards tailored synthetic methods (living polymerization methods) and analytical polymer science, with applications in material science, nanotechnology and medicine.Teaching activities are focussed on lectures and courses for the studies of chemistry (bachelor/master) and the master-course Polymer Materials Science (PMS).

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