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Zustände lolalisierter Magnon in frustrierten Spingittern
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
Localized-magnon eigenstates in strongly frustrated spin lattices and their effect on the low-temperature physics of these systems in high magnetic fields are investigated. We discuss the construction and the properertiesof localized-magnon states and the plateau and thejump in the magnetization process caused by these states. Considering appropriate lattice deformations fitting to the localized magnons we consider a spin-Peierls instability in high magnetic fields related to these states. Last but not least we consider the degeneracy of the localized-magnon eigenstates and the related thermodynamics in high magnetic fields. In particular, we study the low-temperature maximum in the isothermal entropy versus field curve and the resulting enhanced magnetocaloric effect, which allows efficient magnetic cooling from quite large down to very low temperatures.


Spin-Peierls-Effekt, exakte Eigenzustände, magnetische Kühlung

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